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    oh my gooODooenss do u thin kthey were LISTENING TOGETHEr but then why did harry even know to TEXT HIM THAT everythign feels crazY

    well i was thinking no ones seen h in london so?? he cud be in holmes chapel imo? my lil hc was that harry and nick planned the shoutout together real quick, like nick in studio and harry in his old bedroom and then it was kinda like ‘wait, nick, shes turned the radio off :( :(’ but wHO KNOWS it is cute to ponder tho

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  3. erinsbreakfast:

    to recap, this fall has been all about gryles on r1 breakfast:

    • 9/16 nick made a spinach and feta pie to woo harry ”his friend” (x)
    • 9/18 “those were the days” *BOYFRIEND EMOJI* (x)
    • 9/19 the red st laurent gryles jacket returns (x)
    • 9/29 harry being a supportive friend (x)
    • 9/30 niall and ‘liam’ send a recorded message to the BBC about steal my girl (x)
    • 10/1 nick interviewing simon cowell and matt snap chatting a framed gryles photo byeeee (x)
    • 10/3 “lads! Can we have this next?” (x)
    • 10/14 nick calls harry to make fun of him for puking and then crashes his car and pukes while on the phone with him (x)
    • 10/14 sponge direction shirt returns from war (x)
    • 10/16 harry styles returns from war to the uk B)
    • 10/20 stripey gryles shirt (x)
    • 10/21 hello again st laurent jackie (x)
nicholasgrimshaw: birthday brunch with the brown monkey 🙌😍 @feefehbrown

    nicholasgrimshaw: birthday brunch with the brown monkey 🙌😍 @feefehbrown

  5. Nick Grimshaw interviews Daniel Radcliffe (21.10.14)

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    i cant BELIVE that i had a shower at that moemt GOD btu ofg NICK PLS and harry PLS godamn nikhary PLASE

    😭😭😭😭💫💃💫💃 my babies

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  8. ianchaloner replied to your post “AHH@UHHUHFHHHHH?????@??! fuck u nick”

    what WHAT

    nick made a FEATURE OF GIVING ANNE A BIRTDHAY SHIOUTOUT and then he was like ‘oh nevermind shes swictyhd off! whatever then!! hes just texted that shes switched off!!’

  9. inside-homes:

More interiors at inside-homes


    More interiors at inside-homes

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  11. baaatgurl omg i didnt even notice nick said he but i just lstened back and yeh…..he did god dAMN IT

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  13. fucking birthday shoutouts im so mad

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  15. AHH@UHHUHFHHHHH?????@??! fuck u nick

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