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kari. 18. idk anymore, and i probably
never did. in love with nick grimshaw:
the blog, the life.
・゚✧ kstew is my fav ・゚✧
  1. hasitsclaws replied to your post: hasitsclaws answered your question: my tags aren’t…

    html = a world of magical wonder that is under attack by an evil sorcerer idek man idek. And as of my messaging I HAVE NO IDEA??? i was having the same problem w/ my friend anna and we’re both just like ‘da fuq is going on????’

    i just want to be that evil sorcerer is that too much to ask?? we three need a support group istg, to get through this

  2. Apr 14, 2013  1 note    

    1. hasitsclaws said: we do, we very much do. and then we can have a sit-down protest outside of and type very disappointed passive-aggressive messages on karp’s twitter feed.
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